I write and laugh…I over analyze and try to make sense of life. Its the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. kara baker johnson said:

    Nikki I LOVE THIS PAGE. Please keep it up. I am totally interested in all the medical stuff so the more the better : ) Praying for You, Charlie, and Mav everyday.

  2. yeah sissy keep it up

  3. you scared me nikki, when I could not find you glad everbody is ok

  4. I read your son’s story a hour ago. I understand what you have been through and continue to deal with. My son Jason is 26 now. He was born at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC after a terrifying time. Don’t give up ever! You both may not realize but all of us special parents will stand with and by you. You both obviously have discovered the special strengths needed to fight for Maverick.

  5. I’m just a man with a deeply personal and special affection for babies. I was reading about Maverick’s situation and cried throughout, praying that he not pass away… that he is given the same chance as nearly everyone else gets, a full life. And then I see that a miracle took place in Boston, and that a mother’s unyielding love and determination for her child- came through. I’m a happy man tonight, and wanted to write and tell you all that my positive thoughts and prayers are with you all. 🙂

    Peace and Love- Greg

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